Sustainability & Quality Control

Our search for 0 defects means that there are no unimportant things.

Wottoline has built its international reputation on a quality priority commitment based on an individual responsibility and a collective of all its employees, so as to provide a service that dedicates itself to clients across the world. acilitating services helps the clients to overcome the ever-increasing quality, security, environmental protection, and social responsibility challenges. Wottoline offers innovative solutions that go beyond simply complying with the rules and regulations; reducing risk, improving performance, and promoting sustainable development.
Included in Wottoline’s fundamental values are integrity and ethics, advice and impartial validation, client-orientation, and security at work.

Wottoline has no interests with manufacturers, commercial companies or financial entities that could compromise its own independence. The independence guarantee, professional prestige, integrity and impartiality, as well as its international network, place Wottoline in a unique position.

Consultancy Cooperation Contract, Inspection and Audit Service with Intertek, UL, CTT, BV …

Those Consultancy services give us the possibility to ensure all the required Standard before we start any order.

Tracking of labeling and packaging according to legal and current standards.

Select the applicable standards and also the ones from our particular customers to ensure safety.

Age grading for the toy.

Help with the design regarding shape taking into consideration any possible hazards such as sharp points, small parts, etc.

Training, technical seminars on a regular basis, including regulatory updates.

Strict compliance with CE, REACH, RoHS, WEE regulations on applicable products

All our products comply with the mandatory standards following our quality and control protocol to avoid possible inconveniences with customs authorities and the direction of commerce and consumption. Our products are certified and many times backed by their respective declaration of conformity.

Testing and Compliance (product test)

With the regulations that apply to the different product categories (electronic, textile, food, children…). Before this testing process and before mass production starts, we made a safety product review. All products must be tested before finishing mass production.

Production Quality Control steps

Beside the factory audits, our QC team visits the factory to ensure technical and real quantity capacity.

After safety reviews from lab are completed and the product is compliant, we run production according to planned schedule.

Performed Inspections: Initial, During, and Final Random Inspections as well as final loading supervision.

Once cargo arrives to destination, we perform a final check to ensure that the cargo has arrived in good delivery conditions.

Certifications ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, SA8000

Certificate of Excellence in Business Management by Informa – elEconomista

Supplier Homologation

Approved and audited factories to meet customer requirements such as Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, AB InBev, Heineken…
Our suppliers are a key part of our organization. Following our Quality Management System our Environment Certificate and our Social Accountability System we made a strict selection based in this and in customer requirements.

Social Responsibility Policy for Suppliers and Subcontractors

Suppliers are informed that Wottoline shall carry out an audit and/or other types of inspection at its work centre in order to verify compliance with our Social Responsibility Policy for Suppliers, relative to: Child labour, Forced or compulsory labour, Health and safety, Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining depending on country legislation), Discrimination, Disciplinary measures, Work schedules, Fraudulent.

All products and services shall be supplied in compliance with the quality and safety requirements as specified in contractual documentation. Comply with our social responsibility policy available at

Wottoline is member of :

SEDEX (Empowering Responsible Supply Chains)
ECOVADIS (The solution for the management of the CSR of the supply chain)
ECOEMBES (container recycling manager)
ASIMELEC (waste management and electronic devices service)

Member code:

Member code:


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Sustainability & Quality Control

Our search for 0 defects means that there are no unimportant things.

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