Your volume of global purchases should enable your company to obtain competitive prices for your promotional products. However, the local volume is often too small for this type of pricing strategy. Collaborating with different suppliers in various countries causes difficulties when unifying purchases, especially if your local offices do not know the purchasing managers of the others.

We offer you a large range of procurement solutions as there is no one perfect solution that can be adapted to each case.
In our 35 years of experience, we have identified the needs of numerous multinational companies as they attempt to calculate the total cost of their products. Choosing a global rendering strategy will improve the power of your resources. How can you collaborate with Wottoline to reduce your costs?

Transport cost reduction

Local offices can make product orders and can pay your invoice in local currency.

Reducing listing costs

Wottoline’s TI system can automatically update your listing and offer over 3000 products that we have in stock for immediate delivery.

Reducing mislay caused by outdated products:

Your local offices can place orders on products that we have in stock when they need them; there is no excess stock which means that the products do not become outdated. Global delivery costs are much cheaper since we unified regional orders.

Larger purchasing volume

Purchasing team is competitive thanks to Wottoline’s online ordering platform, which increases the time and volume of orders and lowers the price (Order follow up in time giving opportunity to unite orders.)

Other cost reduction opportunities

Internal request of combine orders of similar products. Purchasing team will can negotiate lower price per volume.

Direct importation

According to the availability and production time of the product we use global resources to import directly which significantly reduce logistics costs.

Project Planification

Constant search of new opportunities in the promotional field and anticipating in the future needs with advance ideas and concepts.