Wottoline offers 35 years’ experience in product import from China at the service of those who need it the most.

In the actual situation of Covid- 19 and with the high necessity of protection material for medical staff and for all population, Wottoline has closed contract deals with one of his principal providers, offering 100 million monthly units for the next 12 months. Closing the supplier costs gives the guaranty that it won’t affect the material price raise as well as the delivery times.

Wottoline has estimated that the productive capacity of China in this kind of material can only be fulfilled in the next months in a maximum of 20% of worlds necessities.

Principal Spanish enterprises has trust us for the material that they will donate to the institutions in need.

We are currently suppling million units of medical protection material that are been donated and canalized to different societies by some of the most important and influential enterprises of Spain such as Banco Santander, Iberdrola, Telefónica and Banca March.

We are also suppling this material to companies such as BP, McDonald’s, Telepizza to help protect all employees, as well as to CGCOEE (Consejo General de Colegios Oficinales de Enfermeria de España) to cover their needs.

We are strongly committed in support in many ways against this situation, taking unprecedented measures to an unprecedented time.

Pedro Martín Ramos

CEO Wottoline Corporation